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Pay attention that in case you don’t follow the laws of Neverfate, the Administration of the project and the Keepers of Law (the clan LawKeepers) have the right to use different kinds of game punishment.

The administrator /The Keeper of Law determines the kind of punishment, its duration and severity in each case depending on the situation.

Any resolutions made by the Administration as well as the solutions made by the LawKeepers as moderators of the project must not be discussed in the chat.

Discussions of LawKeepers’ activities at the forum are not allowed in all sections except the section "Complaints" where you can make a complaint for illegal acts of the Keepers of Law. Discussions of acts of the Administration are not allowed in all sections of the forum except for the section "Offers" where you can address your ideas and offers about the Game to the Administration.


The codices and Laws can be changed. The Gamer must follow updates of Codices and Laws on his own. The final version is available at the address https://encicl.neverfate.ru/?id=1.
Ignorance of the Law is no excuse..

Penal code

Clause I. Conversion of another’s game account (hacking of character).

Illegal conversion of another’s account( cajolery of passwords, managing of character, transfer of coins and things to the third party) is prohibited.

Clause II. Managing of some characters.

It is prohibited to own, manage, and etc. two or more characters. It is also prohibited to transfer authorized data( login and password) to other Users.

Clause III. Commercial operations for non-player benefits.

Selling of characters, things, services, game money (coins, golden coins) is prohibited.

Administrative Code

Clause I. Rules of execution of the form of character, chatting and forum.

It is prohibited:
  1. To use swear words, rude expressions towards other players and also no-address.
  2. To use swear words covertly (such as rude/swear words where part of word is substituted with signs/letters or omitted) towards other players and also no-address.
  3. To use frequently letters/ combinations of letters, signs/ combinations of signs, smiles/ combinations of signs which have no meaning.
  4. Practice upon using capital letters in message.
  5. To use symbols of pseudo graphics (special symbols which are not contained in standard keyboard format and / or the ones entered with special combinations of key combinations or by other means.)
  6. To place references for any Internet resources except for inner references of Neverfate project (references for forum, player’s form, tracking data of fight, etc.)
  7. To place announcements about provision and\or willingness to buy game products( only the ones referring to the project) in all space and canals of chat except for Shopping street and canal of chat [{trade}]. For forum- in all sections except for the section Trade.
  8. Размещать объявления о предоставлении игровых услуг (лечение, наемничество, восстановление здоровья и т.п.) во всех помещениях и каналах чата, кроме канала чата [{trade}].
  9. To place announcements about provision of game services( treatment, mercenarism, recovery of health, etc.) in all space and canals of chat except for the section [{trade}].
  10. To inform about willingness to provide/ buy any non-player products and/ or services (which don’t relate to the project), advertize/ discuss any projects, campaign, etc. which don’t relate to Neverfate , and also to hold agitation activities which don’t relate to Neverfate.
  11. To discuss any other game online-projects which don’t relate to Neverfate.
  12. In canal [{trade}] to communicate about suspended topics, discuss( specify, find out) special aspects and any other aspects of suggested services, products( including price) and etc.( It should be done in private not to clog up the canal).
  13. In chat canal [{help}] to communicate about topics which are not connected with the theme of canal. To avoid answer in any way, to jeer on character asking questions. To give wrong and absurd answers purposely.
  14. To advertize or search any products and services on behalf of other characters in any aspect (such phrases as: he will buy, he will sell, etc.). Trade message from the character must not contain any chat names except for his own. Trade message from the character must not contain any names of the owners of characters except for his own. Trade message from the character must not contain any identification words which don’t relate to the author of the message directly.
  15. To make agitation activity related to the project (advertize fights, quiz shows, lotteries, etc.) more often than 1 time in 15 minutes.
  16. In any form to propagandize any drugs not depending on their kind and harmfulness.
  17. To promote national and religious conflicts, offend players as representatives of this or that race as well as offend religious beliefs of players.
  18. To place message with sexual /erotic content which can hurt other players’/ private interlocutor’s feelings in common chat and/ or private chat as well as in forum; to place information related to other players’ private sexual life.
  19. To provoke other players for violation of Codexes/Laws of Neverfate, contribute to appearance of conflicts in chat and forum; also to appeal players for violation of Codexes/Laws with any reasons.
  20. To communicated considerably in any languages but for Russian; such communication can trouble other players.
  21. To make activities which are barrier in working of LawKeepers and Administration (ex. to address to LawKeeper or Administration representative when the theme of conversation has been talked out and you have been made it clear) and contribute to such actions of other players( disorient players about working of Lawkeepers and Administration).

Clause II. Rules of trade operations.

It is prohibited:
  1. Not to follow conditions of deal made in forum in thread Deal, proved by all its participants.
  2. To make deals prior aimed to fraud of players, administration and / or by improper means of existing program and / or law limits significantly.
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