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for service of the site https://neverfate.ru

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The user agreement herein (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) governs the relations on usage of services provided by WEB-site in the Internet (hereinafter referred to as “Net”) with the address https://neverfate.ru/, (hereinafter referred to as “Game”) between Administration of the Game and private person hereinafter referred to as “User” duly existing in accordance with clause 3 of the Agreement.

Service https://neverfate.ru/is available on certain conditions. Usage the service by the User means that he accepts the body of the Agreement below.

The body of the Agreement can be changed by the Administration of Game without any specific notification.

"Rules of the Game" is an integral part of the Agreement and shall be subject to compulsory implementation within the Game.

"Rules of the Game" can be changed by Administration without any notification of the User.

  1. Copyright and intellectual property

    All resources of the Game are legally protected by the Russian law about intellectual property and copyright. This protection referrers to texts, pictures, multimedia materials, program codes and other objects of copyright. All game elements (characters, things, game currencies, buildings) belong to the Administration of the Game.
    Alienation of property is possible in cases and procedures according to the Russian law.

  2. Description of service provided by the Game

    2.1. Administration of the Game in accordance with the conditions of the Agreement provides access to the game, information resources and other services and events in the Game to the User.

    2.2. To get services Clause 3.1 one should have access to the Internet. The user himself and on his account pays for software of his computer and access to the Internet.
    2.3. All services describes in Clause 2.1 of the Agreement are provided only at site https://neverfate.ru/.

  3. Rights and obligations of User

    3.1. The user has the right to use Game for private needs and non-business purposes.

    3.2. The user must be registered and expresses consent with the Agreement.

    3.3. The User agrees to give true exact and full information about him and answer all the questions suggested in Registration Form and maintain this information real.

    3.4. After the registration the User gets login and password to access the Game. The User is responsible for safety of his login and password.

    3.5. The user has the right to register only one character.

    3.6. The User must follow the rules of the Game.

    3.7. The User has no right to copy, send, publish or use elements and materials of the Game in other way without written permission from the Administration.

    3.8. The User agrees to inform the Administration immediately about each case of unauthorized ( not permitted by the User) access with the User’s login and password and /or about any violation of safety as well as that the User makes the closedown with his password( button “Exit”) finishing every session of the Game.

    3.9. The User is forbidden any activities which aim to prejudice the Game, getting unauthorized possibilities, access to resources inappropriate for usage by game characters and other activities which contradict to the main point and the rules of the Game.

    3.10. The User permits the Administration to use his private information to detect violations of the Agreement and the Rules of the Game and also to give personal information to the third party to detect prove and investigate possible facts of violation of the Agreement and/ or the Rules of the Game.

    3.11. The user is forbidden to design, use and spread software, also its elements in any realization aimed for automation of Game without proper permission from the Administration.

    3.12. The User fully realizes the Game can contain the information unmeant for people with any psychiatric deviations and people less than 18 years of age.

    3.13. The User must stop using the Game in case this usage contravenes the Russian law including the case when the User is out of age limits (18+).

  4. Rights and Obligations of the Administration

    4.1. The Administration must provide the User free access to the Game. The User on his own and on his account pays for software of his computer and access to the Internet.

    4.2. The Administration mustn’t give Users’ private information to the third parties except for the cases contemplated by the Russian law or the Agreement and not to realize the information got from the User and not to spread unreasonable e-mails without User’s permission.

    4.3. The Administration has the right at its own discretion and without any explains to take any measures under the Russian law to limit or stop access to the Game for the Users who violate the Agreement and the Rules of the Game.

    4.4. The Administration does not guarantee smooth functioning of the Game and does not bear responsibility for technical failures and breaks in Game, communication connections, as well as computer failures.

    4.5. The Administration does not bear the responsibility for direct or indirect damage happened as a result of usage or impossibility of usage of the Game or information about the Game as well as connected with the activities of the third people including other users of the Game.

    4.6. The Administration has the right to remove or change any information from the sites of the Game or other resources owned to the Administration and directly connected to the Game without any notification of the User.

    4.7. The Administration has the right on a unilateral basis and at any time to limit, widen, and change the quality of services or to stop their provision without any preliminary notification of the User.

  5. Commercial services

    5.1. Provision of widen number of services is done under game currency (later "Golden coins") that the User possesses.

    5.2. One can buy "Golden coins" at site https://pay.neverfate.ru using automation payment systems provided by our partners. The Administration is not responsible for operation of these systems.

    5.3. The User himself determines the amount of game currency he buys and the way of its payment under the variants offered by our partners.

    5.4 "Golden coins" are transferred to User’s game e-mail immediately after our partners get the information about realization of payment. The Administration is not responsible for operating delay at payment processors.

    5.5 5 The money spent on buying "Golden coins", must not be returned to the User.

    5.6 To search lost payments it is necessary to describe the situation in written form in details and send to the e-mail [email protected].

  6. Release from guarantees

    6.1. The User uses the Game on his own risk. The service is provided by the Game as it is. The Administration of the Game doesn’t bear any responsibilities including the correspondence of the Game to the User’s aims.

    6.2. The administration does not guarantee that:
    - service will meet User’s claims;
    - service will be provided continuously, quickly, reliable and without failures; the results that could be got with usage of service will be exact and reliable;
    - quality of any product, services, information, etc. got via the service will meet the User’s expectations;
    - all failures in program code will be corrected;

    6.3. The Game is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by: usage or impossibility of usage of the Game, unauthorized access to the user’s communications; announce or behavior of any third party.

  7. Commencement and period of validity of the Agreement

    7.1. The Agreement comes into force when the User accepts it at the moment of registration of a character in the Game.

    7.2. The Agreement is made for the period when The User uses the service.

    7.3. The Administration has the right for unilateral termination of the Agreement without any recovery of loses to the User in case of absence of additional written contract with the User with another procedure of termination of the Agreement upon an initiative of the Administration.

    7.4. The Agreement is regulated by the provisions of Russian law. Any disputes arisen from the Agreement are to be solved with negotiations. In case of unsettlement of disputes in extrajudicial procedure it is transferred to the court of appropriate jurisdiction determined according to Russian law.

    7.5. Administration has the right to change, remove, and include clauses into the Agreement without any preliminary notification of the User. The User must follow all the changes in the Agreement on his own in case these changes don’t let the User continue the Game he must stop using the service of the Game immediately.

  8. Other conditions

    8.1. In case one or some clauses of the Agreement are recognized to be out of Russian law, all the Agreement does not expire.

    8.2. Other questions which are out of the Agreement are regulated with Russian law and the rules of the Game.
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